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Upcoming Events

Scullion and Friends with special guests to be announced





‘I’m down in the city, you know where to find me,  
I’m up on the top floor, just under the moon’ 

This is the refrain from Sonny Condell’s timeless anthem, Down In The Cityand it’s the inspiration for Scullion to head out on the road for evenings of songs, conversations, tunes and stories.  

Scullion have been singing and playing everywhere from bar rooms to box rooms the world over for several decades. Scullion was formed in Ireland in the late 70’s at a time of great musical innovation. Bands such as Planxty, The Bothy Band and De Danann were at their creative peak and legendary Irish label Mulligan Records was releasing The Boomtown Rats, The Radiators, Midnight Well, Sonny Condell and Scullion.  

Scullion has always been a coming together of different musical strands and traditions. The mainstay of the band was and is Sonny Condell.  Sonny writes music and songs that are powerful, poetic and soulful. He is one of Irelands most enduring creative artists and along with guitarist Robbie Overson and vocalist Philip King, creates the signature sound of Scullion.  

Scullion grew from a chance meeting in the late 70’s of its two founding members Philip King and Sonny Condell. Sonny and Philip have not so much floated as careened below the radar for over three decades now. Though never quite cementing themselves as mainstream hitmakings, beautifully crafted songs such as CarolDown in the City and Eye lids Into Snow have endured as timeless, emotive songs that have made lasting impressions on the listener.  

Of the band right now, Sonny has noted that “The band never stopped, we just have some periods of intense rest! Philip is a successful film maker and broadcaster and produces Other Voices and I have my own  band and recording career, and Robbie plays music the world over, so  we just come together when the time is right.”  

Scullion come together for a one off very special show with Together in Electric Streams sharing songs, stories and poetry, as always with some very special guests to be announced soon, live and direct into your living room. 


“Scullion are mould-breakers drawing on experimental rock, Americana and folk, they won praise for albums such as
Balance and Control and White Side of Night”

–Ed Power, The Examiner

 “Scullion are an unusual collective: a trio of remarkable musicians who marry their keen appetites for pithy rhymes, unlikely melodic arches and rhythmic complexity to exceedingly fine effect" 

The Ticket, The Irish Times

“Sell-out concerts confirm Scullion’s legendary status”

Siobhan Long, The Irish Times

“Sonny Condell has had a prolific, if understated musical history, concerned more with his craft than career”

Tony Clayton Lea

“They are one of the most significant and original sounding bands to have emerged from Ireland’s 1970’s folk revolution. Scullion were drawing musical inspiration from a huge variety of sources and were edgy before I even knew what that meant. They’ve always been very adventurous in pushing musical boundaries and continue to this day to create fresh, unique and original music that defies categorization”

Martin Hayes

“Sublime musicianship, great songs and an eclectic repertoire makes for the wizardry that is Scullion. Philip King, so often a conduit and champion of other voices, is mesmeric in his own voice; and his spake is mischievous and wise. And you’d never know what friends they’d have by to join in — Landless, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Anna Mieke, Landless, Jack O’Rourke, Caoimhín Ò Raghallaigh, Saint Sister, Glen Hansard and more”

Paula Meehan